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Reviews from Our Satisfied Patients

Everyone is so inviting and accepting, i feel apart of the family. I have never had a bad experience, attitude or adjustment. i have learned so much about bone, muscle and overall health from attending. it has been a full year, and i still say this was the best choice i have made.

Miranda Irby07/12/2017

Staff always pleasant and ready to help any needs. Chiropractic and Laser treatments have helped me deal with chronic pain issues in a positive and unexpected way.

Marilyn Bielstein07/02/2017

Caring informative and very thorough

Charlene Steiner06/24/2017

My visits to Maritime Chiropractic have been very friendly, professional and educational. I have high hopes for the potential improvements in my mobility and overall comfort level as they assist me through the corrective process. I have not yet started the program but I am confident that good things are to come..

Terry Brown05/18/2017

I have been very pleased and feel confident in the therapy I have received at Maritime Chiropractic. Everyone at the clinic including technicians and schedulers are most pleasant and cheerful when you enter the office.

Marilyn Bielstein05/02/2017

Dr John's willingness to come in on off hours to assess our needs after an auto accident was such a blessing and comfort! We are so thankful for his patient centered, individualized care!

Angela Frantz04/23/2017

Doc John is the best chiropractor I've ever had, and I've been going to various chiropractors for 31 years!

Jason Stancliffe04/07/2017

So glad I found Maritime Chiropractic. Staff is great, Laser is awesome.Dr. John stopped my pain, unbelievable!Thank you so much!

Stacy Toomey04/01/2017

I was greatly encouraged not only by the Doctor, but by all the people in the office. It seems a happy place to be.


As a technical sales professional that appreciates people that "really" know what they are doing I am impressed. Though it is early in my treatment I have no doubt Doc will help me in ways not yet revealed. The before treatment assessment is thorough and charts a path to address more than the immediate symptoms. The entire atmosphere in the office is very comfortable and inviting with the tools and skill to accomplish my treatment needs.

William Hart03/02/2017

I have been very pleased with my care at Maritime Chiropractic. After being rear ended at a stop light in mid December Dr John provided a full evaluation of myself and my kids to assess the strain cause by the accident. After almost 2 months of care I'm very happy that Im almost back to normal and feeling like I did before the accident if not better! The office staff and Dr John have been very kind and professional and flexible when i need to change an apt and have been great at dealing with insurance for me and informing me on how the insurance process works. I recommend Maritime Chiropractic to anyone I know that is having back issues!

Sarah Hurlburt02/13/2017

Maritime Chiropractic is a pleasure to work with. Simple to get an appointment at the last minute and the care their is always outstanding. I would highly recommend them!

Steven Ellis01/17/2017

I've only been once, but feel like I had a comprehensive exam and treatment. Dr. Duppenthaler was congenial yet professional. I left with a sense of confidence in his ability. My only concern was that his practice seemed very busy and I was under a bit of a time constraint.

Joanne Robertson12/29/2017

Excellent. Neck and back adjustments have improved my neck and back pain substantionally.

Maxine Moran12/23/2016

I always feel invited and welcomed when I walk in. They are so flexible with my work schedule.

Miranda Irby12/18/2016

Great office staff and Dr John is simply amazing! I feel so much better!

Vickie Howell11/03/2016

Awesome service, Very knowledgeable and convenient

Ambrose Lobato11/03/2016

Fantastic caring staff and the care was great. On my way to feeling great.

Melanie Bachand10/13/2016

Honest straight-forward care. I walked in in pain, 24 hours later it has been cut by 80%.


Dr. John is fantastic. He explains everything to you what and why he recommends what treatment will work best for you. Very out going person, and does a great job.

Allen Ellzey10/05/2016

Dr. John is a professional. He has a real interest in helping his patients reach their best health possible.

Charles Perry09/24/2016

Friendly, informative, very helpful, looking forward to continued treatment

Thomas Spain Jr.08/19/2016

I have been a patient of Maritime Chiropractic for a long time. Dr. John is awesome. He listens to your concerns and documents them so he can accurately attend to all your aches and pains. Dr. John is concerned with your over all health getting an adjustment from him an excellent way to start your day.

Judy Burkhart08/13/2016

I've been going to maritime chiropractic for close to five years, and because of the wonderful care I cannot walk around pain-free. Always welcoming. Always helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sally Stancliffe08/09/2016

Doctor John is the best

Kim Walker07/31/2016

Friendly staff and easy to use with their walk in service.

Michael Sanders07/27/2016

We receive great service and industry visualized care and have for many years.

Lowell Porter06/24/2016

As always, everyone was very friendly, my warm up and adjustment we're handled efficiently and my back felt better when I left! I have been a patient at Maritime for years now and have had fewer back issues than I had experienced previously.

Bill Crabb06/24/2016

Staff is curtious and professional. Dr John is thorough, knowledgeable and caring.


Dr. John always does an amazing job with my health and that of my kids!


Great personalized service. Dr. John listens to your needs and respects your wishes even if you do not want to follow his complete plan for you. I was a past patient about four years ago, recently returned due to issues I was having - my records were available to him [even though his office changed locations] His work with me has greatly improved my current acute issue while address my chronic issues as well, in just 6 visits so far. He truly cares about his patients as dear family.


love this place! Dr. John does a great job and he's very personable


Dr John's and his staff were wonderful I just had a truck accident and called for an appointment to be checked out. The office staff is very efficient and got me asap and my evaluation with Dr. John was very thorough and informative. I am along time patient of Dr John and he has taken care of me through some tragedies with caring and understanding and keeps me in working order. Thanks to you all. Judy Burkhart

Judy Burkhart06/14/2016

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