Migraines And Headaches

Maritime Chiropractic Offers Help For Migraine and Headache Pain

headaches and migraines

Migraines and frequent headaches can pose a health problem that interferes with normal work and recreational activities. Although there are a variety of medications for headaches, these may be completely effective in preventing or treating the pain. Maritime Chiropractic can be your chiropractor for migraines to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, so you can enjoy your life fully.

Understanding Migraines

A migraine is a special category of headaches that involve severe throbbing or pulsing pain on one side of the head and sensitivity to light and noise. Many people also experience nausea and vomiting during a migraine. Some individuals experience a warning “aura” that may include flashes of light or other vision disturbances, pins and needles sensations or feelings of weakness on one side of the body. Medical research has yet not found the cause of migraine headaches.

There appears to be a genetic component to the problem, and environmental factors also play a part. They have found that changes in the brain stem and trigeminal nerve occur in individuals who experience migraine headaches. Food, stress, hormone changes and weather conditions can play a part. Some medications can also cause migraine headache. Medications are available that help to prevent migraines, but these are not always effective for all people. Chiropractic care has been found to provide migraine headache relief for many individuals.

Other Types of Frequent Headaches

Frequent headaches can be caused by a number of different factors. In some cases, postural issues can lead to pressure on discs of the upper spine, leading to headaches. Stress and muscle tension can cause frequent headaches. Some people have reactions to foods or additives in foods that manifest as a headache. Today’s constant computer and smartphone use can cause individuals to hold their heads in the same position for long periods of time, which can cause muscle tension and headache. Generally, over-the-counter pain relievers can help, but taking these drugs daily can cause other health problems.

Chiropractic Migraine Headache Treatment Can Offer Relief

Studies show that chiropractic spinal adjustment can be an effective method of treatment for both migraines and frequent headache conditions. The techniques help to re-align the cervical vertebrae, relieving pressure on discs and nerve roots. Often, a number of treatments are necessary to provide full relief from chronic pain, but chiropractic care can be used as needed, without concerns about the effects of commonly used medications.

Contact Maritime Chiropractic For Help With Migraines and Headaches

Dr. John Duppenthaler utilizes his many years of experiences to help patients in Gig Harbor, WA and surrounding communities manage their migraine headaches and other types of headache. We offer a variety of treatment modalities and can provide an individualized care plan to suit your unique needs. Call Maritime Chiropractic today at 253-857-9100 for an appointment to learn more about how chiropractic techniques can relieve pain from headaches and migraines.

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