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Frustrated in Your Search for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief? We Can Help

Frustrated in Your Search for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief? We Can Help

Woman experiencing pain near her neck and should treat her fibromyalgia pain management with her local chiropractor

Fibromyalgia is one of those health challenges that can make everyday life genuinely miserable -- especially when no clear treatment strategy seems to be in sight. Unfortunately, modern medical diagnostic and treatment protocols can sometimes make it difficult to manage the pain and other discomforts of this syndrome. But help is available because Maritime Chiropractic can provide safe, non-pharmaceutical fibromyalgia pain relief without the delays and frustrations you may have encountered elsewhere.

Fibromyalgia would be easier for medical science to handle if it were a clear-cut disease, instead of a collection of related symptoms with no obvious cause. Research indicates that it is based on a combination of abnormally-low serotonin levels and abnormally-high levels of Substance P, a neurotransmitter associated with pain sensation. This imbalance causes you to feel greatly heightened discomfort in response to everyday stimuli. Fibromyalgia may be an inherited predisposition, affecting fewer men than women, and its first appearance can be triggered by extreme physical stress or trauma. Symptoms include:

Generalized muscular aches and pains, including headaches, migraines, and TMJ

Chronic fatigue, which is worsened by insomnia

Mental focus issues ("brain fog")

Irritable bowel syndrome


The fact that these symptoms can also be caused by a variety of other disorders makes fibromyalgia especially hard to diagnose officially -- and without a formal fibromyalgia diagnosis, medical doctors will not prescribe fibromyalgia treatment. To receive such a diagnosis, you have to be displaying pain in at least 11 officially recognized tender points, distributed throughout the body, over a period of 3 months. But fibromyalgia pain can come and go from one area to another, stretching out the length of time you have to wait before you can finally obtain meaningful treatment.

Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment Options at Maritime Chiropractic

If ordinary medicine is giving you the runaround, turn to the extraordinary team at Maritime Chiropractic for fibromyalgia natural treatment options. Our Gig Harbor chiropractor, Dr. Duppenthaler, doesn't have to wait for an official fibromyalgia diagnosis based on restrictive, largely arbitrary benchmarks. Instead, we simply focus on helping your body function more correctly -- providing drug-free fibromyalgia pain relief in the process.

How does chiropractic care relieve your symptoms? Adjustments that correct spinal alignment also help normalize nerve signaling. Many fibromyalgia sufferers also have cervical spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the bony canal in the neck that houses the spinal cord. Adjustments in this area not only treat a potential cause of pain, but they can also help your body communicate with itself better. We can also use laser therapy to ease the pain and inflammation associated with fibromyalgia.

Get the Fibromyalgia Treatment You Need

Don't put your life on hold while you search for fibromyalgia treatment. Call 253-857-9100 and get that treatment right here!

How long have you been talking to doctors about your fibromyalgia symptoms? What have they told you regarding your diagnosis and treatment? 

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