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It was a crisp, sunny Saturday afternoon in the fall of 1982. I was living out one of my dreams...playing college football at PLU in Tacoma. I put my head down to make a hit and "WAM" I felt a shock and a bright flash and I knew that my football career was over! That impact was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I had torn the ligaments and had buckled and reversed the curve in my neck. A ton of tests later, it was determined that I had nerve damage and only 30% function remained in my arms. My head couldn't turn or move up and down without severe pain. My arms and hands were burning and numb. I could hardly grasp with my hands. Well, needless to say, I was very disappointed. My dreams crushed!

I found myself face to face with an orthopedic surgeon. The only option given to me was surgery. They wanted to fuse the bones in my neck. The irony of it all was that my other dream in life was to be an orthopedic surgeon myself and work with athletes! Well, we scheduled the surgery, but had a few days to wait.

I visited my Chiropractor to see if there might be any other options. You see, as exciting as surgery sounded to me on the handle end of the knife, it wasn't quite as appealing to be on the cutting end of the knife.

We discussed alot of things, including many of my options. We decided to put off the surgery and try a more conservative, less invasive approach. We started a new protocol of chiropractic care. It was the right choice! My arms slowly came back to life. Strength and feeling returned. The range of motion in my head and neck slowly came back. It was about a two year process, but when I graduated from PLU, the chiropractic care that I had received allowed my neck to return to its normal curve and alignment. The pain was gone and full function was restored!

So God had a different plan for me! Instead of becoming a surgeon, I became a Chiropractor!

I have been practicing in this area since June of 1990! Wow!

It has been my distinct privilege to serve thousands of folks over the years.

I am truly blessed to be able to love, give and serve the folks that call me "Dr. John."

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